If You're Gluten Free, You Probably Shouldn't Be Eating at Pizza Hut

Honestly, the gluten-free trend is one the ones I don't mind too much, because I once dated a girl whose mom had Celiac disease, so I know it can actually be an issue (this was four years ago, so pre-everyone-has-a-gluten-intolerance trend. If you think you might have an intolerance, ask a doctor). The girl also had some auto-immune issues, so we went without gluten for a few months to see if she improved. It was tough, but I left the trial period with a new-found love for protein structures and an awesome recipe for gluten-free chicken katsu.

Now, yesterday Pizza hut announced that they were introducing a gluten-free pizza option. I'm just going to go out an say it: We never missed Pizza Hut, and if you're gluten free, you shouldn't be eating at Pizza Hut anyways, just make the god damn crust yourself.

But seriously, just make it out of cauliflower.


Apart from the whole not eating food from a major chain thing, the main reason you shouldn't get your pizza hut is two fold: Their crust is most likely going to suck, and homemade crust made with cauliflower is just so much better.

First off, and no disrespect to the suppliers at Udi's Gluten Free, but I've never eaten a gluten-free replica that's hit the spot. No matter if it's tapioca-based, rice-flour based, millet-based or made out of some other starchy grain that prized by some ancients peoples, the lack of gluten is always a pain. Udi's makes their crusts with tapioca and brown rice with egg whites to provide some protein heft, but it's not going to make a difference. The gluten-free pizza is still going to be a sad shadow of what real crust is.

What you can do though, if you've got the cravings, is make your own crust out cauliflower instead (Use a recipe like this one). This works out mostly because, while the cauliflower is a good base for cheese and toppings, it's not much like a poor replacement for real bread at all.

No, you're not going to get the chew or the bounce you miss, but you will get a nice firmness, and it's going to be tons healthier for you than something super starchy. And, if you decide to roast your cauliflower instead, you'll get those nice nutty charred brassica flavors all the chefs are in love with right now.

Why eat something playing at being a mediocre version of something lovely when you can eat something lovely instead?

And god, if you're still going to go with a grain-based fake pizza crust, at least don't get it from Pizza Hut. You're better than that.

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