Ice Bomb Brings Trendy Acai and Pitaya Bowls to Downtown Fullerton

Right off of Amerige Avenue and Harbor Boulevard is one of the few spots in Downtown Fullerton where you won’t make a regrettable decision. Ice Bomb has only been open for about two months, and yet it has the potential to make a name for itself by serving trendy super-fruits like acai and pitaya, in an area that is otherwise lacking in health-conscious eateries.

Just like Jamba Juice and Nektar, Ice Bomb offers fruit smoothies and bowls but they take things up a notch with a menu full of natural based desserts such as slushies, ice cream and fruit-topped waffles, parfaits, and even beverages such as boba teas, milk teas, and coffee.

The popular menu items are the super fruit bowls which are all the rage right now, as acai and pitaya are known to be heavy on antioxidants and pair well with just about any sliced fruit. The generous serving sizes are enough to be a light yet satisfying breakfast or perfect treat after a run. A regular 20-oz superfruit bowl consists of organic acai or pitaya mixed with pineapple juice or apple juice, yogurt topped with slices of banana, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, granola, coconut shavings and pure honey—a clusterfuck of natural, refreshing goodness.

 107 W. Amerige Ave, Fullerton, (714) 519-3965.

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