Huntington Beach Planning Commisioner Michael Hoskinson Adds “Kid-Basher” to His Hate Train

This past Tuesday, the Huntington Beach City Council started the process to repeal a plastic-bag ban that the previous city council had enacted in 2013. Passions are inflamed about the issue, of course, in a town that has environmentalists, retrograde Republicans, and retrograde Republicans who claim to surf and care about the environment yet are fine with plastic bags in the ocean.

Among the group of people speaking were students, which right-wingers immediately claimed were coached (like the GOP never does that–anyone ever heard of YAF?) to babble granola-crunchy heresies. Among the most adamant pusher of this conspiracy was Huntington Beach planning commissioner Michael Hoskinson, appointed by newly elected councilmember Erik Peterson just this past month. But if you think trashing kiddies is low for Hoskinson, then you don't know Hoskinson.


Former Huntington Beach councilmember Joe Shaw gave a blow-by-blow account of the nastiness of Hoskinson and his crew yesterday; I'm more interested in Hoskinson's other thoughts on political matters.

The following are all photos or wannabe memes he posted on his Facebook page last month. He apparently doesn't believe global warming is a thing:

Thinks Islam is evil:

Thinks Mexican immigrants don't contribute anything to the U.S.–and likes the word “illegals” to describe them:

And comes from the Dean Grose school of humor:

Congrats, Mikey! You're now on my list of hilarious haters to watch this year!

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