Humboldt’s Finest Cannabis-Infused Vodka, Our Drink Of The Week!

The age of hemp is upon us: Orange County liquor stores will soon receive regular shipments from the Emerald Triangle. But instead of acquiring massive trash bags full of marijuana, bottles of Humboldt’s Finest— vodka infused with the first legally produced hemp crops since Prohibition—will stock shelves anywhere you can buy alcohol. In other words, because Humboldt’s Finest is the pioneer of cannabis vodka, you’re basically making history every time you drink it—yay, history!

But don’t be aghast when you realize it tastes a hell of a lot like gin. Upon first swig, the heavy aromatic green, forest-like flavors envelop the senses. Yet, the bold botanical characters make it an excellent substitute for juniper berry, and it goes down a lot smoother than gin. According to Abe Stevens, the owner of Humboldt Distillery, the hemp-infused vodka is a mixologist’s dream because it provides a new base for bartenders to get creative with (plus the whole novelty factor). He suggests the best type of recipes for his booze include yellow peppers, fresh oregano leaves and other green garden ingredients. 

Don’t expect a high, though: Humboldt’s Finest contains no THC. But it’s a good start to seeing more hemp in our daily lives. So liquor up, make a martini, and salud!

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