Hugh Hewitt Gets Tracked by Southern Poverty Law Center

It's one thing for Orange County blabbermouth Hugh “Baby Hewie/Hughcifer” Hewitt to get monitored by myself and Clockwork Coker, but it's quite the feat that Baby Hewie made it into the pages of the Southern Poverty Law Center's fall issue of its award-winning Intelligence Report. In its round-up of racist, fucked-up quotes by media personalities (including Barbara Coe!), Baby Hewie notches a spot with this doozy:

“[I]t's probably the last football game we'll ever get to see before the United States gets blown up by Islamists under Obama.”

— HUGH HEWITT, host of a nationally syndicated Salem Radio Network show, discussing an upcoming college football game on June 25.

The game Baby Hewie was referring to was this Saturday's mega-matchup between USC and Ohio State at the Coliseum. It's not kosher for this UCLA grad to root for the Trojans, but now I pray to God and Allah (really the same guy, people–Jesus is the difference) to smite the Buckeyes to spite Baby Hewie. God akbar!

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