Hugh Hewitt and His “Attempted Coup”

Nothing is more schadenfreude than seeing a self-righteous loudmouth get schooled, and that's what's happening with Hugh Hewitt as we speak. His guy Mitt Romney lost the Iowa caucus yesterday despite spending mucho dinero. Baby Hughie will be on the radio in a bit–in the meanwhile, he's blogging like a teen girl scorned.

For the sake of space, let's focus on this post. Hughie begins by claiming Iowa caucus winner Mike Huckabee's past record is “largely unexamined,” a flat-out stupid statement considering the New York Times,, and almost ALL the MSM reported on various Huckabee shenanigans. He rambles for a couple of paragraphs more, then this:

Third, the conservative activists have to realize that there is an attempted coup underway.

A coup, Hughie? Seriously? How can it be a coup when your guy spent millions more than Huckabee, when much-better conservatives than you think Mitt's a flip-flopping robot. Coup, Hugh? And spare us your continued attempts to compare Romney to Reagan: they're the same only in that the two were once liberals but changed, except Reagan did it long before he ran for national office.

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