Huge Question Remains After Media Coverage of LensCrafter Smash-and-Grab Burglaries

Three men are in custody for definitely one, probably two and possibly three smash-and-grab burglaries of Orange County LensCrafter stores poached of expensive sunglasses early today.

But I wonder if the same notion about the eyeglass stores hit anyone else who caught this morning's coverage on the teevee?

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Dumbest Criminal of the Week! Nice job, Alonso Jose Lopez!

The Irvine LensCrafter store was hit around 1:30 a.m., which prompted an all-points bulletin that had cops around Orange County watching other stores. Sure enough, about a half hour later, the Brea LensCrafter was smashed into and burgled, leading to a chase on the 57 freeway that resulted in the trio's arrest.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department later disclosed the Lake Forest LensCrafter suffered the same indignity the same morning, but so far the suspects have only been arrested for the Brea job.

A HUGE question still surrounds this case. however. Just after 7 this morning, KTLA/Channel 5 reporter Wendy Burch is shown in front of the Brea store, next to a
sign advertising new glasses in about an hour, in front of the
boarded-up door and on top of broken pieces of glass.

If in one short hour the joint can get me a pair of prescription glasses, how come they can't fix a glass door in five hours?

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