Howie Kendrick Accused of Dick Move with 8-Year-Old Fan

Howie Kendrick refused an 8-year-old fan's autograph request and made him cry, claims the boy's mother.

She explains the Angels second baseman moved in next door for the duration of the season and that her family respected his privacy until last month, when her son, a die-hard Halos fan, approached the 28-year-old's OC home with a Kendrick baseball card in hand. The boy supposedly left in tears.

“It's not going to happen,” Kendrick reportedly told the kid who had his mother by his side, reports Radar Online.

The ballplayer is then said to have told the pair they were rude for asking. As the mother and child stood there stunned, Jody Kendrick, the .292 career hitter's wife, reportedly said, “I can't believe you're still standing here. This is really rude and
it's not going to happen. It's sad that you're still standing here.” 

“They made my son cry,” the mom, who did not want to give her name, told Radar, “so I said, 'No, what's sad is that you're supposed
to be a representative of the Angels baseball organization. In the
amount of time it has taken for you to refuse an 8-year-old asking
for an autograph, you could have signed 20.'”

Neither the Angels nor Kendrick have confirmed the Radar report, but if it is true we have a suggestion:

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