How to Dress Well

Over the past five years, Tom Krell has evolved from giving away free EPs on his website to being a respected ambient singer-songwriters. His project, How to Dress Well, may conjure up images of a sharp-dressed man, but what Krell has instead is a luscious deconstruction of traditional R&B. While he’s weary of being pigeonholed as solely PBR&B, Krell’s lyrics showcase a blossoming songwriter whose sense of self and confidence has grown incrementally since those early years. His recent album, 2014’s What is This Heart? has been universally lauded and is his highest selling album to date. Widely praised, How to Dress Well is a rarity; he challenges his listeners by pushing musical boundaries, yet retains the sensibilities that plaudits him in the first place.

Thu., Feb. 26, 8 p.m., 2015

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