How OHNO Became OC’s Hip-Hop Heartthrob

OHNO (Courtesy of the artist)

An artist never forgets the feeling of being in front of a crowd reciting their songs. “Unbelievable,” says popular OC recording artist OHNO. “That is definitely one of the biggest reasons why I love to perform. Some crowds are absolutely amazing.”

It’s one of the perks of being a headliner, a status that OHNO has spent the past four years establishing as a rising recording artist with a verified social media following of 261,000 fans on Instagram and collections of hit singles including “Three Commas”, “Tryna Eat”, and “Me and My Bitch”. Accolades that have earned him a top spot at the annual Downtown Block Party extravaganza in Santa Ana, known as The East End Block Party.

The annual community event, offers over 100 vendors  20 restaurants sponsors, and checkout out numerous live performances from over 50 artists of various genres.

Headliners at the East End Hip-Hop Stage include Hi-Tone, Reverie, Flip Major, Noa James, and Jay Taj sharing the stage with co-headliners platinum-selling DJ Mustard/YG-protege RJ (“Hard Way”) and OHNO.

This year’s one-day event is the culmination of OHNO’s year-long journey recording his latest project, properly-titled, Heartthrob.

“The recording process of Heartthrob was pretty smooth. Besides the fact that I was in a place I’ve never been in , I was at least with a close friend of mine (Ninedy2), who actually produced and engineered my whole project. As long as I was fed, I was pretty much happy to record. ”

A day of music, art, and great food, The 5th annual East End Block Party features six live music stages, live art demonstrations from local talents, and food and drinks from the best restaurants in Downtown Santa Ana. Other features include free screening of the iconic Prince film, Purple Rain, Beat Swap Meet inside the Yost Theater, and the grand opening of Charlies Tattoo Studio.

 After releasing his new album, Heartthrob, back in March, the “Me and My Bitch” hitmaker is excited to perform his new music for the first time. “I’m trying to cater to everyone who came for me,” OHNO says. “So I’ll have some soft moments , but I also plan on the mosh pits.”

OHNO will be performing in front a hometown crowd. The Anaheim-born artist is fully aware of Orange County’s appreciation for one of their own. 

“I’ve noticed that when I’m in OC , everyone shows love. Its great. And the crowds have always been turnt when i came back down for shows.” 

As co-headliner, OHNO will be performing his catalog of crowd favorites, as well as new hits like  biggest song to-date,  LowlifeIke-produced, “How It Feel”. “How It Feel” currently has over 3.5 million views on YouTube. 

The East End Block Party will take place in Downtown Santa Ana, California Saturday, June 9th on 305-105 block of 4th Street. All ages, the free event will run from Noon ’til 10 P.M. OHNO will be performing Saturday evening on the East End Stage.

OHNO’s new album, Heartthrob is available everywhere via PRDSE. The new album features breakout singles, “FYA”, “There You Go”, and “YNLV”. Stream Heartthrob here, courtesy of Spotify.

OHNO performs with 10 Summers/Interscope Records recording artist MrRJLA live during The East End Block Party in Downtown Santa Ana Saturday (June 9th). For complete details, click here.

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