How Many Ways & Means Oysters Can We Eat in 60 Seconds?

It’s no secret around Weekly World Headquarters that I love seafood. So much so that it would come as a surprise to nobody if I died of mercury poisoning. OD on seafood? What a way to go!

So when Ways & Means Oysters in Huntington Beach invited us out to participate in an oyster eating challenge, I enthusiastically volunteered as tribute. Ways & Means hosts the annual “Shuck It” oyster-eating challenge, calling the Huntington Beach Police Department, Fire Department and lifeguards to eat as many oysters as possible in three minutes. The teams are made up of three people and each get one minute to slurp down as much of the good stuff as possible in 60 seconds each for a total of three minutes. Three dollars for each oyster eaten goes to the charity of the winning team’s choice. This year’s challenge was held Tuesday morning.

In anticipation of the event, we had our own Shuck It challenge beforehand in which I had 60 seconds to stuff as many of the oysters into my mouth as possible. How did I fare? Watch the video below and see!

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