How It's Unmade Is A Witty Look at How Wizards Collect Raw Ingredients From Oreos

I could never decide if I loved How It's Made or hated it. At face level, it's kind of boring, what with the consistent, monotone narration and generic, cell-phone levels of music production. But I'll admit, whenever my friends and I ran into it while flipping channels, we stopped.

[I also admit that while writing this I took a five minute break to watch a How It's Made segment on hotdogs.]

But there's was no question with How It's Unmade, a smartly funny look at how Oreos (really, Newman O's) are a major source of raw materials. It's really just the Newman O's segment backwards, but man is the writing on spot. Check it out after the jump.


And for good measure, here's the hotdog segment that distracted me.

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