How Bad is Mexico's Lime Crisis? People are Picking them Prematurely in Mad Dash for Cash

Late last week, the rest of the United States media finally started picking up what we first brook two weeks ago: that Mexico is going through a lime crisis that has cartels stealing limes from farmers, that has restaurants paying $100+ for a 40-pound case of limes that usually cost $15, and that has consumers paying around $3.50 a pound for limes when they were paying a dollar for three pounds last year.

And the lime crisis is only going to get worse. Sources tell the Weekly that, due to the exploding black market in limes, locals are now breaking into farms and getting tiny ones nowhere near ready for sale.


“This lime situation is not going to get any better,” says our source, who requested anonymity but is in a position to know what's up with the lime industry. “Mexico is having a lot of issues with the locals stealing premature product of the trees not allowing time for the limes to grow into bigger sizes. This is madness.”

And, of course, not letting the limes grow means that we'll be paying higher prices for an inferior product. Yay, globalization!

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