Houston Firefighter Puts Out Truck Fire With.. Beer

Beer is amazing.

It's made non-potable water potable, it's catalyzed love (and hate, and a full litany of other emotion), and it helped make my college days much more (and less) memorable. So when I read the Chron's chronicle of how an off-duty fire fighter put out a truck tire fire with the help of the truck's load of beer, I didn't even think “What a waste of perfectly good beer.” Nope, I thought, “Man, what's beer going to do next.”


The story goes like this. Off-duty fireman Craig Moreau is driving down a highway on his day off when he sees a truck to the side of the road with smoke billowing from its wheels. Channeling his penchant for running towards things that are burning, he gets out of his car and joins the driver, forming a modern-day, much more competent Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. They battle the flames, first with a fire extinguisher, then with beer.

Truly the stuff of legend. And at only the loss of a few Coors? Even better.

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