Housewarming Gifts to Avoid: Electric Chip and Dip Set

So you're at a lovely summer barbecue and you spy a plate of scrumptious chips and hot dip. Not wanting to be that person–the one who dives into the untouched sections of chips when there are a few left in the section that's already been started–you reach in to get the last couple of chips, your fingertips brush the plate, and…



Then there's the anguish of the host, the drunken attempts to repair
your charred epidermis with ointments ranging from baking soda slurry to
bacon grease, and, eventually, the emergency room. The resident on duty
(you don't merit a fully-credentialed doctor, you see) asks you how the
injury happened, you look him straight in his 27-year-old eyes and
snarl, “I burned myself on an electric chip and dip set.”

Seriously, it seems like the injury rate would actually be lower with an
alcohol burner or a can of Sterno, because they typically don't keep
the whole dish hot. This electric chip and dip set looks like even the
edge could do you a nice medium-rare.

It also took way longer than it should have to discover whether this was
a battery-operated machine or whether it ran on good ol' 110V AC. (It's
the latter.) Spend your $29.99 elsewhere.

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