Hour of Power Now 2,000 Episodes Old

Sorry I'm late on this, but The Hour of Power—that uniquely Orange County slice of televised Christianity hosted from Garden Grove's Crystal Cathedral by Robert H. Schuller and his son, Robert A.—celebrated its 2,000th consecutive broadcast on June 1. Watch it here.

Thinking about how this Papist only flips through The Hour's Sunday morning broadcast reminded us of some of the scummier people Schuller has allowed in his church:

* Who can forget indicted former Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona—or, as Crystal Cathedral Ministries called him, “Orange County's Hero”?

* Or Michael Scott Kerr (pictured above with Robert A.), the man who wanted to raise millions for the children of fallen soldiers but couldn't even pay child support to his own kids?

* I don't think Schuller ever interviewed James Utt, the infamous Orange County congressman, but he didn't need to: Utt was a congregant.

Any other notorious guests you might've glanced at while flipping past The Hour of Power in the desperate search for morning cartoons?

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