Hott MT Combine Gore, 80s Synths and Pinball in Their New Music Video, “YKWYR”

Rarely (ok, never) do we get to see 80s synth pop, pinball and B-movie cannibalism championed in the same music video. Then again, maybe its something we should just learn to expect from Hott MT, the loveable bunch of LA/OC weirdos who stormed Wayne Coynes house to give him a present and wound up making a song and a video with him. Now, they've taken the echo-laden dreaminess of their song “YKWYR” up a few notches with a new video, premiering today on Heard Mentality.

It starts out normal enough, as the band crowds around a blinking pinball machine somehow possessed by the floating purple aura of vocalist Ashleigh Allard. A minute or so into the video, the band are inexplicably glass jars of pickles and weird looking preserves. That's kinda where it starts getting gross. We won't spoil the entire thing for you, let's just say that if you're somehow of fan of both Holy Mountain and Redneck Zombies, then the ending of this video is exactly what you wanted to see right before lunch today. This month, in addition to the recent release of their debut album I Made This, the band is also hosting a Monday night residency at the Echo. Maybe stand a few feet back from the stage just in case they decide to do a live reenactment of this video. Check it out after the jump.

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