Hot Wheels: Race to Win Exhibit

Everyone remembers having had a Hot Wheels miniature car in their hands at one point during their childhood, no matter what generation you grew up in. Even now, try holding onto one without making the “Vrooooom!” sound to yourself and “racing” it on the nearest smooth surface. Now all you wannabe road warriors can check out the 'Hot Wheels: Race To Win' exhibit at Discovery Cube and learn more about these high-power vehicles and the mechanics behind what makes them go “VROOOOM”. This traveling exhibit immerses visitors in group activities to learn about the world of racing, the physics of race tracks, and racing history. It's fun and educational, so gather 'round your pit crew and head for the starting line for this epic event.

Sept. 19-Jan. 3, 10 a.m., 2015
(Expired: 01/03/16)

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