Horsethief de Pacana, Our Drink of the Week!

Every time I’m in Albuquerque, I stop by Jubilation Wine and Spirits, the Hi-Times Wine Cellar of New Mexico. In addition to stocking booze and beer from across the world, they have an awesome sales staff and a great selection of spirits from the Land of Enchantment: absinthe, vodka, agave drinks, whiskey and more. Albuquerque has a strong craft brew and distilling scene, but my favorite drinks are those that use New Mexico’s home flavors: green or red chile, juniper, piñon and the like. That’s what led me to Broken Trail Spirit’s (formerly Distillery 365) Horsethief de Pacana: pecan-flavored rum.

Flavored spirits are always a risky proposition: just ask bartenders what they think of Absolut. But Horsethief de Pacana shines. It starts strong, then settles down as pecan flavor takes over, creating a hooch that’s buttery and almost tastes like a liqueur—except it’s strong at 80 proof. I’m going to stock up on some bottles next time I’m in town, because Mr. Hi-Time doesn’t stock Horsethief de Pacana—yet. T.

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