Horse Meat Found in Taco Bell Products in Europe

It ain't Monday yet, so fans of “Taco Bell Crime of the Week!” will have to wait for their fill of wacky crimes with Enchiritos then. But a far more serious allegation has been made across the pond in Europe, where investigators say they have found horse meat in the products of Taco Bells in Britain.

The BCC broke the story this morning, and Taco Bell officials quickly moved in to assuage eaters' fears. “Once we learned of this issue, we
immediately voluntarily tested our product for our three Taco Bell
restaurants in the UK,” a spokesperson told the Beeb. “Based on that testing, we learned ingredients supplied to us from one supplier in Europe tested positive for horsemeat.” No word, though on whether it was in a burrito, taco, or some other bizarre concoction.

You gotta feel bad for the Bell, as their “beef” can't get an even break. A couple of years back, they were accused of selling meat that really wasn't meat. And even if it's real, then there's just the taste of it all…hell, maybe Taco Bell's beef is tastier with horsies in it? We'll never find out.

And for those of you curious as to the taste of horsemeat, check out this profile of horse butchers in Der Spiegel.

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