Honk If You Don’t Love Jesus! OC Atheists Unveil Godless Valentine’s Day Billboard

Backyard Skeptics, a group of Orange Countians going to neither heaven nor hell because their don’t believe in either, is holding a press conference in Santa Ana this afternoon to unveil their “Godless Valentine’s Day” billboard.

The 48-x14-foot billboard on Harbor Boulevard and 1st Street features a picture of a pair of feet under bed sheets and a caption that reads “Atheists Make Better Lovers, After All – No One Is Watching.” It is going up in coordination with New York-based American Atheists.

Why antagonize believers?

“Although religious people do not think about their religious persuasion while having activities in the bedroom, atheists rarely think about how a god could affect them in any way all day long,” explains Fountain Valley’s Bruce Gleason, founder of the 1,400-member strong Backyard Skeptics.

“The billboard is a humorous way of letting others know that there are many groups that they can find that believe that we can behave morally without believing in a deity. There are many instances where religious believing can be downright dangerous considering all the religious sects who have acted immorally through the ages … and even in current times. A reason-based non-theistic world view is more peaceful, more tolerant and in many cases more moral.”

Put that in your vestibule and smoke it!

“Non-religious Americans are a growing segment in America, now standing at 22 percent of all Americans, 33 percent if you’re under 30 years old,” Gleason boasts. “Many non-believers and the ‘nones’ (those who have no religious affiliation), can discuss religious and political issues at the monthly meetings Backyard Skeptics sponsors without any religious dogma. The number of atheist groups has grown nearly exponentially over the past decade, exposing the fact that we are becoming more of a godless nation. ”

I think Trump and Sanders leading in the polls already told us that, but if you need more convincing, or just want to ogle a provocative billboard, head on out to the southwest corner of Harbor Boulevard and 1st Street (next to Dunkin Donuts!) at 3:45 p.m. today.

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