HoneyMee Ice Cream Opens in Irvine

Honeymee Ice Cream, a Korean-style ice cream shop that swirls raw honey over soft serve ice cream, has now opened in Irvine. No, not the one in Harvard Place that I wrote about a few months ago; this one is on Walnut at the 99 Ranch plaza on Walnut near the 5 (5414 Walnut Ave Ste C, Irvine, CA 92604).

Since there is no longer any mention of the Honeymee going into Harvard Place, it's doubtful that that one is still going to happen. Still, OC will soon get another store in Garden Grove, which is still currently in development.


The menu consists of five items: the signature “HoneyMee”, ice cream topped with a natural honeycomb chip; the “Darling”, which is just plain vanilla; the “Sweetie”, where the ice cream is topped with liquid honey; the “Dear”, which is drizzled with Ghirardelli chocolate or caramel and a sprinkling of French sea salt; and the “Babee”, which is ice cream and any topping stuffed into a sweet hot-dog bun.

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