Honey Pot Honey and Body Lotion: Our Toke of the Week!

Second-generation cannabis farmer Corey Thomas has teamed up with Greenfield Organix to produce THC-infused honey and body lotion in Monterey County. California wildflower-loving bees make for happy honey, and what better form for an edible could there be? Already medicinal, the powers of honey to soothe have been used for millennia and are well-known to anyone who’s ever had a cold and scratchy throat. Basically every human on the planet. You can sip Honey Pot’s elixir straight from the bottle, stir it in hot tea, create a vinaigrette or even sizzle up some jerk chicken. If you are under the weather, start with 1/2 the recommended dose to see where the high will lead you.

While you wait for the sweet effects, anoint yourself with Honey Pot’s Cannabis Cup-winning body lotion. The recipe was handed down from her mother, and Corey tweaked into a sunny-scented manna you can rub into sore joints, massage into your temples or, if you are super lucky, get someone to provide you with an all-over massage.

Available at South Coast Safe Access, 1900 E. Warner Ave., Santa Ana.


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