Honey Hips Strong Blonde by Latitude 33, Our Drink of the Week!

I didn’t think I’d like Latitude 33’s Honey Hips Strong Blonde ale when I first smelled it. It was a bit hoppy—and I don’t like hoppy. But the Vista brewery’s brand ambassador in OC is Keegan Noble, who I remembered from his stint at Chapter One: The Modern Bistro in SanTana. He said I’d like it, and I trusted him.

And so I drank. It was hoppy for like a second, slowing revealing clover honey and rose hips nuances, and becoming sweeter the longer it stayed on the palate—it was almost mead-like. “Man, I could really learn to like beer after this one!” I told my fellow Weeklings after polishing off a bomber of the Honey Hips Strong Blonde. Go down to Latitude’s brewery in Vista, or get a couple of bottle at Mr. Kegs in Huntington Beach, a wonderful little spot we don’t plug nearly enough—let’s change that starting now.

Available at Mr. Kegs, 5914 Warner Ave., Huntington Beach, (714) 861-7270; www.mrkegs.com

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