Honey and Butter: The Mac Daddy of Macarons

“This one isn’t here often, so you should get it while you can.” This Honey and Butter employee was talking not Pokémons, but the store’s Nutella s’mores macaron? The Spectrum’s current dessert hotspot offers all kinds of macarons, from Core, Regular, and Rare, to Creatures and Creamarons—yep, still talking about little French cookies here. 

Unlike the original location, an Airstream in Costa Mesa that’s temporarily closed, the new Honey and Butter is an actual storefront. But like the original location, these macarons are all carefully hand-piped, baked fresh from scratch everyday, and continuously restocked. Core flavors are their most common and popular treats. These flavors, such as French toast crunch, milk and honey, and sea-salted caramel, are available daily, unlike Regular and Rare flavors. 
With fillings like matcha, “enchanted berries” (a bunch of berries put together, maybe?), and passion fruit, the Regular macarons are weekly and thus not always available. Even rarer are the seasonal Rare ones: Black sesame, pineapple, honey lavender, and other exotic flavors.  

While Core, Regular, and Rare macarons roll out as Honey and Butter’s doors open at ten, Creatures come out at noon. Creatures have the same buttercream fillings as normal macarons, but with faces painted on the surface, adding character to the cookies. There’s even themed days: drop in for a macaron on Harry Potter’s birthday and take a bite from Harry or Hermione’s face. Or stop by on “Force Fri-Yay” for some Stars Wars goods. 
Creamarons are Honey and Butter’s customizable ice cream sandwiches (as if this dessert decision isn’t tough enough). After choosing a macaron shell nearly three times the size of a regular shell, pick an ice cream. Then, decide on toppings: sprinkles, chocolate chips, little French toasts…the list goes on. Creature Creamarons are available, too.

The best part about Honey and Butter is how light the desserts are. With chewy, airy shells, fluffy fillings, and so many choices, it’s easy to get a little out of control there. You may think you’re ordering three macarons, but suddenly an employee hands over six. I say, go crazy. After all, you never know when your favorite flavor will be available again. Bon appétit! 

Honey and Butter, 633 Spectrum Center Drive, Irvine, (949)536-5556, honeynbutter.com.

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