Homeless For The Holidays

Photo by Jack GouldJust before Thanksgiving, Santa Ana officials declared the Catholic Worker House a “public nuisance” and gave the center 60 days to evict 160 people who live there. Dwight Smith, who runs Catholic Worker, says he has no intention of putting families and kids back on the streets and doesn't believe the city will follow through on its threat. “We're not taking about drug addicts who can't put down the pipe,” Smith said. “My house is full of families and people who earn $8 to $10 an hour and can't afford to live in Orange County. Who wants to hurt kids in the middle of winter.”

Since Catholic Worker will be at full capacity throughout the holidays, Smith is asking for people to donate cash, blankets, sleeping bags, warm clothes, new underwear and socks, bathroom products and everything you'd want on a picnic—including turkey, ham, sausage, canned vegetables and fresh potatoes. He also asks you to write a letter to Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido at 20 Civic Center Plaza, Santa Ana, CA 92702. For more information on what to donate, call the Catholic Worker at (714) 825-6346.

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