Holy Invasion! UFO “Swarm” Over Newps!

Orbs and cigar-shaped UFOs were videotaped over Newport Beach Sunday by an amateur skywatcher who says there has been a lot of such activity over the beach city lately.


Indeed, you may recall Jim Martin from such recent UFOs-over-Newps' posts as this one:

UFOs Triangulate Over Newport Beach

(He was the unnamed witness.)

The latest activity was captured around 11:30 a.m. on Feb 2.

“The day started with a smooth orb flying across the skyline westward toward the ocean,” Martin says. “From there a number of orbs and cigar UFOs became visible as the sun's rays shined directly over my porch providing great light.”

The light changing as the hour progressed caused his lens to pick up “swarms of cigar UFOs and rectangle UFOs and rods,” Martin reports. “It was the most activity I've scene before of these kinds of objects.”

Here is his video:.

Here are some still images:

Wonder if anyone saw this from the vomit comets leaving John Wayne?

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