PotPlus Holiday Gift Guide!

Gift giving is tricky. There’s nothing worse than having to fake a smile while unwrapping another ill fitting sweater from your step father who shops exclusively at Costco. And since your chances of being crushed during one of those Black Friday sales are higher than our President’s hairline it’s probably best to avoid the crowds and get your shopping done the “green” way with these gift ideas perfect for that special stoner in your life.

Horray! The mails here!

Daily High Club
The world’s most popular smoking subscription box service is your ticket to a happy holiday. With a new theme arriving at your door each month in discreet packaging, your loved ones will sleep sound at night knowing they have the latest in high-quality, creative, and hand blown glass pipes and bongs to dab, smoke, or just stare at. Seriously, we can’t get over how cute we look while smoking out of a bong shaped like a snowman and their vast assortment of papers, wraps, lighters, and accessories make great stocking stuffers. Save yourself the hassle of shuffling around a smoke shop full of grown men vaping to the sounds of Cypress hill and visit DailyHighClub to start your subscription today!

Solid Gold Gift.

Shine Gift Box
If you’re reading this you probably live in Orange County. Which means you’re either scraping by each month to make rent or you are filthy rich. Either way you work hard and you deserve to relax like royalty. Shine’s 24 karat gold rolling papers will have you feeling like Midas himself while medicating with their gift box featuring a King sized cone ready for you to fill with whatever treasures you please. Once all paper currency has ceased to exist these babies will be worth their weight in well, gold. Visit ShineRollingPapers to order your gift box now.

Just like mom used to make.

Kiva Peppermint Bark
Kiva is known for its line of chocolates and confections because of its quality, consistency, and potency. Everything Kiva puts out just keeps getting better and this limited edition holiday flavor is no different. Each decadent 5mg serving is meticulously crafted with honest ingredients and finishes with just the right amount of full flavored terpenes. Our favorite dispensary in Orange County is always stocked with holiday cheer so park your sleigh at Blüm in Santa Ana and get this flavor before Jesus’s birthday to use as a perfect stocking stuffer for that special someone in your life. Or eat it about an hour before your alt-right aunt helps herself to a second glass of wine at the next family gathering. Trust us, it helps.

2911 Tech Center Dr.
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Weird flex but ok.

If you know someone that likes to vape but also tends to get cold a lot we have the perfect gift idea for you! The new Tailgater Pro pullover hoodie is made of heavyweight cotton for cozying up on that cold christmas morning surrounded by loved ones. It also has a built in drawstring feature that allows the wearer to enjoy the harmless fun of vaping without anyone wondering what you’re doing. The downside is that you’ll look like a weirdo that sucks on inanimate objects and there’s still the whole smoke cloud to deal with but by then they’ll probably be to stoned too care. You can click your way over to Vaprwear to find enough clothing options to outfit an army of vape ninjas today!

Dope Tours
For the cannabis connoisseur that already has everything you can get them the gift they didn’t know they needed with Dope Tours. Their service provides a unique experience chosen by you that will transport your group around some of Los Angeles’ best dispensaries and eateries as well as some of it’s most famous landmarks. Tours include transportation in their custom fleet of vehicles where you can safely and discreetly sample top shelf flowers while learning about the benefits of THC and CBD. If your into nature rather than city they have options for hikes and beach visits as well. Head over to DopeTours to book your reservation today.

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