Hillgrass Bluebilly SoCal Kickoff

Texas label Hillgrass Bluebilly believes in just about what you’d think—or hope—they believe, which is a shotgun marriage of roots, Americana, country, punk, folk and rock, all delivered by bands that’d actually seem pretty at home hoisting a shotgun, should the occasion demand. Their Hello-California! show is helmed by the perfectly selected Restavrant, who even with a couple guys on deck are still very much in the tradition of one-maniac-bands like Hasil Adkins and Bob Log III. It’s hollerin’ amplified by electricity, and it’ll rush through your brain like a jar of white lightning. Also on the bill are LA’s RT n’ the 44s, doing their own ramshackle country with instruments they built themselves. A good ol’ fashioned Sunday kick-in-the-ass!

Sun., Oct. 14, 3 p.m., 2012

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