Hillary Clinton Visits OC and Shirtless Men Interrupt Her Speech

Hilary Clinton and her stylish pink-and-turquoise pantsuit visited Buena Park’s United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 324 yesterday morning around 10:30 a.m. The visit was both a campaign rally for Clinton and an inaugural event for the opening of the renovated UFCW Local 324, long an icon of the labor movement in Southern California.

A crowd of about 500 energetic people showed up to support Hillz, making the rally an intimate experience. Yet the room seemed capable of accommodating more people. The Mexican in chief had this to say about Hilary’s choice of venue. 

 People in attendance were cordial and excited for Clinton. Only one protestor was visible, a Bernie Sanders supporter named Sean from Costa Mesa who held a “Liar, Liar, Liar” sign on the sidewalk in front of the UFCW hall. Perhaps the pro-Bernie supporters were too busy protesting Trump in Anaheim to make it out to Clinton’s rally? 

“People are probably in Anaheim right now sharpening their knives.” said a man in the crowd referring to the Donald’s visit to riot-happy Anaheim, which took place about an hour after Clinton’s rally. And according to our recap of the Trump rally, the man in the crowd wasn’t too off in his predictions. 

Folks waited for Clinton to appear by periodically chanting “I’m with her!” and “Hillary!” While a surprising amount of millennials were in the house, the crowd mostly consisted of the 30-plus crowd and a group of UFCW members sporting orange shirts.  

“I’m not worried about my safety here.” said Rejan McCaskill from Orange, as she shared how her husband, a Fullerton Police officer, was busy assisting Anaheim Police at the Trump rally. 

An eclectic mix of reggae, pop, rock en español, and even ’90’s New Jack Swing bounced through the walls of the UFCW hall—shout-out to whoever had control of the aux cord! “Roar” by Katy Perry—who’s been a vocal Clinton supporter, seemed to be a favorite among attendees as some danced and sang along to the song. 

UFCW secretary-treasurer Andrea Zinder, Vietnamese American Democratic Club President, Trung Ta, Buena Park council member, Art Brown, and Los Angeles County Supervisor, Hilda Solis, gave speeches before actress, Jamie Lee Curtis, introduced Clinton to the stage. 
Aside from touting her experience as Secretary of State, some of the issues Clinton spoke about were comprehensive immigration reform, affordable college, tax credits for union training programs, renewable energy, rebuilding the country’s infrastructure and improving Obama Care. 

Her 35-minute speech also focused on attacking Donald Trump, while Bernie Sanders was left unmentioned. “He doesn’t seem to actually care about making America great,” Clinton said of Trump, “so much as he seems to care about making himself look great.” 

The Trump jabs continued as Clinton said, “He is scapegoating everyone,” as she referred to Trump’s history of offensive speech. “That’s good for reality TV. But you’ve got to work with people.”

Clinton’s speech was interrupted when two shirtless men in the crowd were asked to leave by event officials for taking their shirts off.  They yelled at Clinton to allow them to stay, Clinton responded with “As long as they don’t take anything else off,” which made the crowd laugh and cheer. 

Clinton’s campaign rally was about as peaceful as they get, “The final test is whether the (next) president will unify us,” Clinton said. 

Watch Hillary Clinton’s full speech here. 

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