Hidalgo’s Orange Julius Cocktail, Our Drink of the Week!

The Orange Julius Cocktail at Hidalgo’s. Just what the doc ordered. Photo by Greg Nagel

After ten full days of sounding like I’ve chain-smoked Pall Mall non’s for a decade, it was time to revisit the world of cocktails in breakfast form. “Let’s hit Hidalgo’s and check out their brunch,” I said to the fam before taking a hit of albuterol, then coughing like it was my first ever monster bong hit.

What makes a great brunch spot is the ability to dine al fresco, which Hidalgo’s has in spades with its historic building courtyard complete with a relaxing fountain that’s good enough for nighttime weddings. If it’s too hot, or if you are prone to random coughing attacks at the slightest breeze, inside is where to sit, where you’re treated to various Spanish covers of classic tunes, including one very distant version of Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart. A fun brunch table game to play is name that tune…where loser has to buy the next round.

I told long-time bartender Dustin Adams my symptoms, and he was quick to prescribe 60cc’s of white rum, Spanish Licor 43, heavy whipping cream, and egg white, where after shaking vigorously comes out like a boozy Orange Julius. “What do you call this concoction?” I ask Dustin. “It’s an Orange Julius!” he replies, laughing.

The drink is just what the doctor ordered, where the rum and velvety texture of the creamy drink helped sooth my throat. The fresh spiral of orange peel on top sent vitamin-c signals to my immune system, and the complexity of Licor 43 kept me coming back for more.

I’m no doctor, but if you’re suffering from any sort of black lung situation, I highly suggest visiting Hidalgo’s and seeing a guy about an Orange Julius soon. May cause drowsiness. Do not operate any large machinery after consumption.

Hidalgo’s Cocina & Cócteles is at 305 N Harbor Blvd #111, Fullerton, hidalgosfullerton.com

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