Hey, Sugar Daddy: Cal State Fullerton is Orange County’s Top Sugar Baby School

Congratulations, Titans, Cal State Fullerton is the top Orange County school when it comes to the number of students using the world’s largest sugar daddy dating website to come up with scratch to pay for tuition, books, housing and those goddamn blue books.

At least, that’s the contention of SeekingArrangement.com, which claims CSUF joins USC, UCLA and UC Riverside in cracking its top 100 list of schools with so-called “sugar babies” relying on the generosity of older men.

Numbers were arrived at by adding new sugar baby enrollees to the roster of those who already belong to SeekingArrangement.com. Cal State Fullerton ranks 78th in the country this year thanks to 29 new students signing up in 2016, bringing the grand total to 237 Titan sugar babies.

It’s easy to see why this hookup phenomenon is exploding. SeekingArrangement.com cites figures showing the average financial debt for this country’s 16 million college students is $37,172. The average monthly allowance from the dating site is $2,500 per student in California, where more than 54 percent of all graduates will be in debt.

SeekingArrangement.com has USC as the top Southern California school at No. 26 with a total of 521 registered sugar babies. That’s an 11 percent jump from last year. Hope those Trojans use Trojans!

The first California school to hit the list is San Francisco State University, at No. 17, which is not surprising given it takes having a sugar daddy to afford rent up there even if you’re not enrolled. Damn you, tech professionals, damn your eyes!

Temple University is No. 1 in the land with 296 new signees to SeekingArrangement.com in 2016, and the sugar baby total this year stands at 1,068.

And now for some fun SeekingArrangement.com facts:

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