“He's Still Alive!” Video Emerges of Immediate Aftermath of Anaheim Police Killing of Manuel Diaz

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The Weekly has obtained a video recorded in the immediate moments following the Anaheim Police Department shooting to death unarmed Manuel Diaz.

The source (who requested anonymity) was on the scene, and audio from the video confirms what eyewitness accounts have confirmed but which police refuse to do: that Diaz was shot in the head.

The most harrowing part of the video, however, is the fact that Diaz was alive–and police stood there for over three minutes and did nothing. Instead, they seem more concerned with pushing witnesses away from the scene, the better to diminish the video quality of the footage, when they weren't actively trying to block the source from recording.


See the video for yourself:

Diaz is visibly twitching at the very beginning of the video. It's not until about 3:13 into the video that police finally turn over Diaz, whose head is bloodied beyond belief.

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