Here’s How to Say #fucktrump While Looking Fashionable

It seems there’s a new reason every week to yell from the rooftops, “Fuck Donald Trump!” Some choose to voice their disdain through their clothing and wear all manner of FDT shirts, hats and patches wherever they go. Last May, the rad Latino students at Newport Harbor High School won the right to wear their “Dump Trump” shirts to class to protest the then-presidential candidate; an ongoing GoFundMe ( allows supporters of the cause to help buy other students their own shirts to wear to school.

If you’re jonesing for your own #fucktrump merch, don’t head to Google. Here are some of the coolest indie brands from which to snag some cathartic threads. And don’t forget to hit your local Mexican dulceria for a Trump piñata!

DOLORES: Started by Instagram-famous model and East LA-er Isabella Ferrada, Dolores ( offers shirts and hoodies emblazoned with “Fuck Trump” printed in Old English font in white, black and gray. The brand boasts a seal of good, handmade quality—as well as a direct “fuck you” to all sexists, racists, homophobes or bigots dwelling on its website.

JOTX WEAR: From Laguna Hills (!), this brand ( offers plenty of variety and coolness for chingonx, from holographic stickers emblazoned with the words Educate, Resist and Luchadorx to shirts with slogans such as “Here to Stay,” “Eres Fuerte” and “My Existence is Resistance,” plus quotes from writer Gloria Anzaldua. Feel empowered AND stick it to the presidency without having to mention Trump’s name—although there’s also a patch with Trump’s face crossed out.

NO MORE INDUSTRIES: This punk rock/hardcore retailer ( sells smart enamel pins declaring, “Make America Mexico Again” (with a clever design of the Mexican flag engulfing North America) and “Not My President.”

ILEGAL MEZCAL: This brand ( has staged a few charitable drinking protests against Trump thanks to ambassadors (and Anaheim boys) Joe Valdovinos and Gilberto Marquez, and it sells a black crew-neck tee that so eloquently states, “Donald Eres Un Pendejo.” Proceeds from sales of the shirt go to charity, and you can also donate to other charities via the site. Great mezcal, too!

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