Here’s How to Help Elote Man Whose Food Cart was Violently Overturned By Loser in Viral Video

UPDATE, 4:33 P.M.: Kate Cichy, regional communications director for GoFundMe, tells OC Weekly that they are in communication with Israel Carrasco’s page on behalf of elotero Benjamin Ramirez to ensure that Ramirez gets the funds, which we’re happy to here. In addition, Ramirez’s mom set up her own GoFundMe account. Confused which account to donate to? Give to them ALL!

ORIGINAL POST, 8:46 A.M.: It hasn’t even been a full day, yet seemingly ever food lover, Southern California and Mexican in the United States knows about a video that depicted some loser violently overturning the food cart of Benjamin Ramirez in Hollywood on July 17. ROLL THE TAPE!

The original Facebook video has been seen 3.5 million times, and keeps racking up the views. Comments are understandably furious, with many wishing pain and karma on the loser who overturned the cart—but what good is that? It’s better to support Ramirez, and a couple of people are already stepping up.

On the GoFundMe page, the biggest so far is this one, by one Israel Carrasco of Anaheim, who’s already made $1,970 (as of this writing) of his stated $1,000 goal in just 10 hours. Carrasco is not affiliated with the family, and one must always take a GoFundMe page with a grain of salt (preferably over esquite), so Israel: all of SoCal is watching. Best you be legit lest you get caked in chile powder, you know?

The officially sanctioned GoFundMe for Ramirez is actually an older campaign that helps L.A. street vendors in general whose equipment has been confiscated by law enforcement (although Los Angeles has voted to decriminalize street vending, it’s still not legal). Titled “Equipment for LA Street Vendors,” you can donate here.

On the artistic front, legendary cartoonista Lalo Alcaraz made the above, HILARIOUS cartoon for his website, writing “The corn gods are not pleased” and other bon mots. He will be selling prints at playwright Josefina Lopez’s sabroso, new-ish restaurant Casa Fina in Boyle Heights THIS SATURDAY from 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.; Lalo will donate half of all proceeds to Ramirez. Address is 1842 E. First St., Los Angeles, (323) 604-9592—GO GO GO!

Better yet, look for Ramirez in Hollywood, and buy an elote or 400.

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