Here's a Few (OK, a LOT) of Hate Incidents in Orange County Inspired By Donald Trump's Win

In the wake of Donald Trump's presidential victory, the Southern Poverty Law Center has documented hundreds of hate crimes committed in his name. The nonprofit admitted a lot of them were anecdotal, and many involved mere harassment instead of actual assaults, but it's still indicative of a new, disturbing era in which idiots emboldened by the rise of a neo-nativist are letting the hate flow.

Here in Orange County, America's longtime hate capital, the situation is no different. The Weekly has compiled the following list of nastiness after I noticed a lot of my friends—many not politicized, more than a few conservatives—were seeing anti-Mexican/Muslim/woman/LGBT/black/Asian/disabled incidents for themselves and were troubled deeply. We only included moments that can directly be traced to Trump or to someone's ethnicity/orientation; etc; we excluded A LOT of just general aggression.

Skeptics will insist people are exaggerating, whiners, or flat-out liars; to them, I say váyanse a la chingada. People are encouraged to leave their own story in the comments, and fight the inevitable haters; anyone who requests anonymity can email me their story at garellano at ocweekly dot com. Trump, for his part, denounced the hate done in his name on 60 Minutes—you know, after a year and a half of egging on the more assault-y of his followers, describing them as “passionate.”

Anyway, here's our list. Names have been removed for privacy reasons, save for two examples:

Whittier: Two white males in their 50s starting yelling at a group of middle-aged Latinos at the intersection of Telegraph and Imperial to “go home, mang” in English and in Spanish.

Laguna Beach: “Last night my friends and I were on pch and got yelled 'beaners' and mocked for speaking spanish. Pretty hard to go out at night and have fun now. These were all white people in their fancy cars.”

Orange: Angie reports that at a liquor store off Chapman Avenue, a man told her, “I don't know if you're a nigger, Puerto Rican, or a wetback but your ass is going back!” Her response: “Before you come out and offend, go get yourself an American car.”  He was driving a Honda.

Huntington Beach: At a grocery store, a man was told by the clerk he'd now have to buy a plastic bag, per California's new law. The man looked at his wife, and said “Oh great, now I have to pay this beaner for bags!!! Trump will overturn this, it's beyond stupid!”

Rancho Santa Margarita: The following incident comes from as conservative a source as they come: John H. Taylor, Richard Nixon's longtime flack who's now a vicar at St. John's Episcopal Church in RSM.
Orange Circle: During a weekend anti-Trump rally, an old white woman tried to attack protestors, and a large man told them to go back to their country. “But the irony is,” one protestor told the Weekly, “he was wearing a sugar skull on his shirt. Literally, a Dias de los Muertos shirt.”

Foothill High: A female student yelled, “Trump won, you motherfucker,” to a biracial female student.

Anaheim Hills: At a CVS, a female customer on a cell phone said so the pharmacy staff could hear, “Mom, I don't know what to do, there's a stupid looking Asian chink here who doesn't know what she's doing” adding, “all these fucking Asians are taking the jobs. I don't even recognize any of these fucks — where are the old people that worked here?”

Near Newport Harbor High: Middle-school kids start yelling “Trump!” at a Latina high school student driving to school.

Fullerton: Jeanette Champion-Fanning reports: “I was putting my shopping cart away at Costco in Fullerton last Friday evening when someone shouted, “Murderer!” at a Muslim family. I couldn't figure out who did it because the coward yelled it from a line of moving cars.”

Anaheim: Four white men outside the Packing House told a Latina to go back to her country.

Westminster: “I was walking from my car to 7-11 when an old guy walking out says, 'Sup man?' He seemed sarcastic, but I thought nothing of it and respond with a generic, 'How's it goin'?' He says, 'Good now.' [emphasis his].  I said, 'Glad you're good,' as I kept walking toward the door As he gets in his car, he says, 'Fucking chink,' and closes the door.”

Disneyland: While waiting for the tram, a white woman starts railing racial slurs at a Mexican family and told the woman “to stop having kids because she was tired of paying for her welfare.”

Cal State Fullerton: Two white students, one wearing a Trump hat, stared at two minority students while entering an elevator. One told the other,  “We need to get started on that wall.”

Huntington Beach Pier: An anti-Trump rally scheduled for Saturday was canceled, according to the organizer, due to threats by online trolls, of which Surf City seems to produce the way the city once pumped oil.

Santa Ana: At a Latino business, a “Trump 2016” sign is left, along with anti-gay slurs tagged on the walls.

Westminster: Two white guys yell at parents walking their children to school “Get out! “Trump #1” and “Go back already.”

Costa Mesa: At an ATM, a middle-aged white man tells a Latino, “You don't belong here, Mexican, can't wait for you to get deported. America will be great after all the Mexicans get deported and Donald Trump will make it happen.”

Orange County area: At CVS, a man told a pharmacist, “Trump, Trump, Trump.. he will take care of all those rascals and he will take care of you too.”

Anaheim: White man drives pickup truck along East Street with giant American flag and a sign that reads “Adiós.”

Laguna Hills: At a CVS (man, who knew CVS's were hotbeds of hate?), white customers laugh and point at a Latina the day after the election.

Costa Mesa: At a Home Depot, two skinhead types yelled “Go back to Mexico” to Latinos and told a handicapped gentleman that this country didn't need “retards,” either.

Santa Ana: Outside the police station, a man with an American flag T-shirt passed a Latina with two young girls and said “Two more months until no sanctuary cities. No more illegals!”

And just so y'all don't think hate is exclusive to one side, here are two anti-White harassment stories:

Santa Ana: “I hosted a wedding on Friday. They had an EPIC mariachi band playing during cocktail hour. As I approached them to ask for a business card, they held up their instruments in 'defense' and begged me not to call immigration on them. Guests stood around and glared at me. As I sheepishly decided to just continue walking past them (out of embarrassment and confusion), they followed me and burst into song…I don't recall the tune, only the repetitive lyrics of “Viva Trump”. Not all white people voted for Trump. Not all white people are racist. It sucked.”

Huntington Beach: “I was harassed when I didn't want to talk to a guy at a bar. He was of Middle Eastern decent. I'm a little white girl. When I declined a drink he said to my friend and I, 'You bitches probably voted for fucking Trump.' I didn't even vote.

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