Here are Orange County's 10 Busiest In-n-Out Drive-Thrus, According to Google Earth

Let's start this article by fully acknowledging we're lovingly ripping off this concept from our pals at Foodbeast, who remain the country's best national food blog, all from their little SanTana storefront. Then let's admit that the methodology is flawed from the start: Google Earth's satellite images seemingly takes photos at random, so In-n-Outs that we know are always slammed didn't make this list: for instance, the SanTana location off Bristol Street, for instance just north of Civic Center Drive is perpetually slammed, so much so that In-n-Out instituted barricades a couple of years back–yet Google Earth shows no cars at all in either of their two drive-thru.

All this said, the list pretty much fell according to my OC In-n-Out experiences. Of course the Irvine branch across the street from UCI made the cut, along with the Fullerton location off Harbor Boulevard and Orangethorpe. But…Laguna Niguel?! Read on…


10. Laguna Niguel, 27380 La Paz Rd.

Number of cars in drive-thru: 7

This In-n-Out is in what passes as Laguna Niguel's Main Street, and attracts a lot of kids from nearby Aliso Niguel High School.

9. Orange, 3501 E. Chapman Ave.

Number of cars in drive-thru: 8

Another In-n-Out near a high school, this one near El Modena.

8. Anaheim, 600 S. Brookhurst St., Anaheim

Numbers of cars waiting in line: 9

Smack-dab in the middle of Little Arabia, right across the street from the far-superior Saraha Falafel.
7. Anaheim, 5646 E. La Palma Ave.

Number of cars in drive-thru: 9

Off the 91, and down the street from Esperanza High in Anaheim Hills.

6. Garden Grove, 9032 Trask Ave.

Number of cars in drive-thru: 10

I always forget about this location, just off the 22 Freeway.

5. Fullerton, 1180 S. Harbor Blvd.

Number of cars in drive-thru: 11

This is the In-n-Out I would haunt while growing up, and I think some of my classmates from Anaheim High's Class of 1997 are still waiting in line there as we speak…
4. Orange, 2585 N. Tustin St.,

Number of cars in drive-thru: 10+

There's more here, but the Google Earth shot blocks off the drive-thru window from view. Right next to the 55.

3. Laguna Niguel, 28782 Camino Capistrano

Number of cars in drive-thru: 14

At first I was surprised, but then I dropped my South County bias. This In-n-Out is at the nexus of the 73 and 5 freeways, guaranteeing massive success. Add its proximity to Mission Viejo, and madness at the drive-thru.

2. Irvine, 4115 Campus Dr.,

Number of cars in drive-thru: 16

It's across the street from UCI–'nuff said.

And OC's busiest location? Take a wild guess….sorry, it ain't Placentia. It's…
1. Huntington Beach, 18062 Beach Blvd.

Number of cars in drive-thru: Clusterfuck


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