Here Are OC's Most Cheating-est Cities, According to Ashley Madison Document-Dump Data

All last week, hackers have revealed user data from Ashley Madison, the website that has long encouraged couples to cheat on their spouses, significant others, and even mistresses. No comprehensive, easily accessible database of users has yet to emerge, although some websites do claim to offer a search option in which you can find users by email (let's just say some of the local names found through this method are, um, surprising). But a Spanish website named Malfideleco (“Infidelity” in Esperanto) has pulled addresses from the Ashley Madison data dump, and, while incomplete, can still allow us to make some observations about OC's cheating scene.


According to the map, the OC city with the most users is Anaheim, with 20,020 users. Not too far behind is Irvine, with 19,566 users, then Orange. Least amount of users? Laguna Woods, with 230 users–not surprising, since many of those coffin dodgers are in open relationships, anyways.

As for male/female breakdown, the OC city with the highest percentage of male users is…Midway City? With 89.8 percent of its users men, absolutely (although one wonders why ANY user would brag about being from Midway City on Ashley Madison). The area with the most amount of female users? Newport Coast, with 22 percent of its users an army of cougars and MILFs roaming Javier's at all times of days–no surprise there.

You can find Malfideleco's map here.

Malfideleco's survey, of course, is incomplete–no Huntington Beach, for starters, and enough lack of geographical knowledge that El Toro is considered a city, along with something called “Southern”. But what data they pulled roughly corresponds with common knowledge about OC's sexual mores. So, single guys? Get thee to Javier's! And gals? Um, hang out in Midway City at the Jack-in-the-Box there or something…

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