Here Are 20 People Who Went Hard AF at EDC

Yep, another EDC is in the books. Las Vegas Motor Speedway saw roughly 400,000 attendees descend on Sin City for three scorching days of EDM bliss and a neon flesh feast for the eyes. In the midst of all the scenery, there are those in the crowd who make going hard af (“as fuck”…for you older folks) look like an art form. They are the people who inspire us to do better, to throw away our inhibitions and our undergarments and be the best we can be. Here are 20 fine examples of the human species going hard af and EDC. 

Cookie Monster waxed his whole body for EDC. Now that’s hard AF.

Moby going hard AF like a shirtless Magneto.

Fucking going hard, these bros are going apeshit!

Morgan Freeman had no chill this weekend.

If EDC had a football uniform, we’re pretty sure this is what it would look like. Hard AF! 

Yep, you could’ve skipped EDC this year…but then your baby wouldn’t be going hard AF in your tummy.

Guy gives no fawkes!

EDSenior going hard AF.

Man makes dancing around in women’s lingerie look hard AF.

The crusty chest paint says it all.

Of all the Trump-yatas we’ve seen this weekend, this was the hardest.

Warning: First couple images are NSFW

Those nipples? Hard AF!

That wishful thinking? Hard AF.

The Kandi Crusher.

Somewhere, this guy’s bae is going hard AF…with someone else.

Geordi La Forge from Star Trek boldly going harder than any man has gone before.

Fuck a motorcycle, gimme dat molly cycle!

When your tongue is going too hard to stay in your mouth.

Your FOMO is going hard AF after this photo.

Singing with the squad. That’s what we like to call heart AF.

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