Hennessey's to Honor Late Iron Butterfly Bassist Lee Dorman on Thursday in Dana Point

He created one of the most infamous, easy, unforgettable bass lines in rock history. And to this day, anyone who considers themselves a fan of classic rock's most egregiously psychedelic elements will remember Lee Dorman, the Iron Butterfly bassist who gave their legendarily long-winded “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” its groove. Since he passed away last Friday, Iron Butterfly's surviving members have been dedicated to celebrating Dorman's musical contribution which echoes far beyond the span of the iconic,17-minute track. On Thursday, frontman Martin Gerschwitz and the band's surviving members will honor Dorman with a memorial show at Hennessy's in Dana Point. 


Dorman, 70, was found dead in his car last Friday of natural causes, and may have been en route to a doctor's appointment, according to the Orange County Coroner's Department. Dorman joined the band in 1967, part of the lineup that created the band's signature opus, which was originally ignored by most AM rock stations at the time. Of course once it caught on in 1968, its stay on the Billboard charts was longer that the song itself–a whopping 81 weeks. In the decades since, the band has held on to its presence in the pantheon of still-touring classic rock bands. This year, the band–including Dorman–completed a tour of Europe in February and March.
Hennessy's, a known hangout for the members of the band is sure to be full of stories and speeches about Dorman, not to mention all the stoner rock riffage you can handle. The tribute concert starts a 9 p.m.

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