Hen House Grill Opens Second Restaurant in Irvine

In his review of Hen House Grill, Gustavo Arellano said it best: “It's a bold move to open an Iranian restaurant in Irvine next to Wholesome Choice.” But not only have they triumphed, they've thrived. Last Friday, Hen House opened restaurant number two at Campus Plaza, across from Strickland's Ice Cream and Gatten Sushi.


This restaurant is a slightly smaller one, but the menu appears to be exactly the same, with their rotisserie chicken offered whole or as a meal, and koobidehs and kabobs in beef, chicken, and lamb.They also cook stews, make the lamb tongue sandwiches Gustavo mentioned in his review, and dizi, a traditional entree you need to mash with a metal implement.

4515 Campus Drive, Irvine, CA 92612, (949) 786-2000

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