Help Left of the Dial Records by Seeing Rock 'n' Roll High School at Frida Cinema

All proceeds from Wednesday's special benefit screening of the Ramones movie Rock 'N' Roll High School at The Frida Cinema go to Downtown Santa Ana's Left of the Dial Records, whose owner was recently injured in a car crash.

“LEFT OF THE DIAL RECORDS NEEDS OUR HELP!!” screams a plea on The Frida's website. “Geoff Leamon, passionate proprietor of Downtown Santa Ana’s indie stop for all things vinyl, was recently in a debilitating car crash that has caused great strain for our community record shop, and he needs the help of fellow music lovers and community supporters to keep putting records on spinning tables.”

That's where the 7:30 p.m. screening of the 1979 musical cult classic Rock 'N' Roll High School comes in, with hopes high to raise funds for Leamon's medical care and to keep the doors open at Left of the Dial Records, which is down French Street from The Frida.

I love, love, love the Ramones but find it quite difficult to type the word “classic” next to Rock 'N' Roll High School, so for Leamon's sake we'll go with The Frida's description:

Vince Lombardi High School keeps losing principals to nervous breakdowns because of the students’ love of rock ‘n’ roll, and their disregard for education. The putative leader of the students is Riff Randell (P.J. Soles), who loves the music of the Ramones. A new principal, the rock-music-hating Miss Evelyn Togar (Roger Corman staple Mary Woronov), is brought in and promises to put an end to the music craze. When Miss Togar and a group of parents attempt to burn a pile of rock records, the students take over the high school–joined by the Ramones themselves!

Here is the trailer:

More exciting to me than the movie is the record store, also based on Frida's description:

A cozy treasure trove of popular and obscure vinyl records with a focus on shoegaze classics, soundtracks and scores, and both classic used and reissue records, Left of the Dial Records is very much an indie business focused on providing record collectors with all their vinyl needs.

Frida is at 305 E. 4th St., Santa Ana.

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