Help Jack Grisham Fund His New Album By Getting Tased in the Crotch

Jack Grisham wants to put his old band the Joykiller back together for some recording. And he's willing to tase you in the crotch to do it, among other things.

Recently, the infamous TSOL frontman and former Weekly columnist stumbled on some old cassette demos of his former pop punk band, buried in the belly of an old cigar humidifier. Turns out the band, which broke up 15 years ago after making three albums together, had recorded quite a bit of material that never saw the light of day. He took a few tapes out, popped them in a dual cassette deck and started listening. Surprise! They still sounded awesome. That listening session inspired his current mission to crowd fund the official re-recording of the best unreleased tracks from The Joykiller with help from original members Ronnie King and Billy Persons and some all stars like producer Paul Roessler and another Weekly cover boy, punk legend Rikk Agnew. So where do you come in? Well, turns out Grisham is willing to do some very cool and very disturbing things for fans in order to make this album happen.


With the current goal for Grisham's Indiegogo campaign set at $6,000 with just about a week left to go (the project has already raised over $4,000), there's a number of ways you can donate to the cause and get something in return. Of course there's the standard buy in of $20 to get a vinyl record or a signed poster and whatnot. All good. But it gets far more interesting if you decide to step up your game and bring the goal home in the final week of fundraising.

A $200 donation could get you a day of golf with Joykiller keyboardist Ronnie King. Or if you'd like to get a little freakier than that, for the same price you can get tased in the crotch by Grisham himself (he says he'll only do it once, unless you ask nicely). Does anyone have the balls–or not care enough about them–to claim that prize? $500 gets you a day in the studio for a recording session with the band (where all the yelling/crying/magic happens). And $1000 donation means you'll spend an entire week with Grisham living with him and his family in Huntington Beach. You get to sleep near him, use the same toilette, buy him snacks and drive him around to recording sessions all in the name punk rock. For Grisham's sake we hope there's a background check involved to avoid opening his door to any actual joy killers. For more info and to donate, click here.

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