While we love Winona Ryder forever, we've got to shine a light on a completely different Heathers— that is, the indie alt-pop trio from Los Angeles. Heathers' music, according to their one-line Facebook bio is “LA babies yelling about their feelings,” and when you hear singer Michael Francis sing the lyric, “You're the only good part of me,” over and over in the song “Life is Elsewhere” well it's probably true— but then, who can say they've never repeated that same angsty, tortured love refrain over and over about someone? Their new EP Tanker continues some of the group's shimmery, indie pop sound they've cultivated over the years. Check them out at The Wayfarer's tonight, and quadruple your indie pop-punk pleasure with a full line-up of stellar bands with Post Life, Canyons, and Fugue.

Wed., July 8, 8 p.m., 2015

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