HB Resident Gets 28 Restraining Orders Against Him for Jerkish Ways

Oh, the white-trash wonders of Huntington Beach never cease to amaze: 45-year-old John Patrick Rogers now has 28 permanent restraining orders against him for apparently being an immature jerk.

A press release by Irvine-based lawyer Flora Camaj, who represented members of the Huntington Beach Gables Homeowners' Association where Rogers lives, states Orange County Superior Court Judge Michael Beecher issued the ruling on Jan. 15 after being convinced Rogers had terrorized his neighbors enough. A Jan. 5 memorandum filed in the West Justice Center listed just some of the fun stuff Rogers did: “taunting them with his pit bull, putting up defamatory signs in common areas, shining lights in bedroom windows in the middle of the night, jumping suddenly in front of cars and crank calling neighbors.”

And posting videos of neighborhood kiddies on YouTube, too? No es bueno!

Rogers must stay 30 yards away from the 28 plaintiffs unless he's going to and from his home or is walking his pit bull.

This isn't the first time Rogers has antagonized his neighbors. The Los Angeles Times, back when it covered Orange County, did a story about the problems Rogers had with his neighbors and vice versa, revealing he had 15 cameras in and around his condo at the time to record any and all movements.

“We got 30
neighbors together in a clubhouse with John,” the Gables homeowner association said at the time, “but it's
beyond us. We don't know what to do any longer.”

I wonder if there's a monster truck with an Iron Cross involved…

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