Hawaiian Fire Sativa Hybrid Packs a Punch

Strain: Hawaiian Fire Sativa Hybrid 24.4 percent THC

The spectrum of choices at dispensaries these days can make picking a strain of medical marijuana quite daunting, especially at the newest shop in Santana, MedMen OC, where you’re allowed to look and smell each strain on your own using their new see-through containers that have a small magnifying glass on top and a slide door where you can smell the flower but not touch it. No need to have a budtender go through each strain with you, they’re there if you need help of course but it frees them to help other customers and eliminates any line since your on your own until you make your choice.
Hawaiian Fire is a hybrid whose only known parent is the Sativa Hawaiian, so there’s some mystery to its origin even though it’s been around for years. I chose this strain for it’s ability to increase one’s hunger, not for me but for my friends that are going through chemotherapy and have trouble with nausea which makes it hard to keep up an appetite. The aroma of the buds is sweet and fruity, tight and mature, Hawaiian Fire smokes very smooth and enjoyable. I usually don’t feel the energizing effects of Sativa but this was the exception. I usually smoke late at night and eventually fall asleep but smoking Hawaiian Fire I didn’t get sleepy but I sure did get high. At 24.4 percent THC it packs a nice punch, a Hawaiian Punch, Ha! This strain is a perfect for smoking during the day while you’re running errands, doing chores or just chilling. If you are going through treatment for cancer I recommend Hawaiian Fire to help you through the rigors of chemo and it will give you the munchies! Pass the Spam!

Available at MedMen OC, 2141 S. Wright St., Santa Ana, 92705. (714) 515-8506. $40 1/8.

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