Have Your Cake and Drink It with Boozy Bundtz

Indulgent. Photo by Cynthia Rebolledo.

I am doing the complete opposite of what one normally does when reviewing a new food item.

The expected thing to do would be to base my impressions of a tequila-infused bundt cake from Boozy Bundtz of Anaheim Hills on the first bites, although they already had me at “tequila.”

However, after doling out three slices–one for me, one for my wife and one for a guest–and consuming the dessert, a card on the package instructed me to keep the leftover cake at room temperature.

My inclination would have been to put the cake in the refrigerator, out of fear that it would dry out. But I followed the instructions, keeping the Boozy Bundt on a stand with a glass cover. Repeating my dessert choice the next night, I was blown away at how moist the cake was, and right there I made the decision to wait until only one slice remained days later to give the product a final verdict.

When the fateful day came about a week after I first brought the cake home–it serves 10-12 people, after all–I expected it to be so dry and hard that I could wrap a hand around the slice and beat a hobo with it.

Freakishly, it was as moist the last day as it was the first, and much of the moist-making material, by which I mean booze, settled near the bottom to create something akin to icing–only with a kick.

This particular lemon cake was the Margarita Mama, which includes lime, a salted rim and “golden tequila showers.” Looking at a chunk on my fork, it was still wet. Once in my mouth, the bite-full melted into a paste that slid down my throat with a warmth that tricked my brain into thinking, “Oh no, there he goes shooting tequila again. Will he ever learn?” However, that feeling is not so overpowering as to be sick-making. It was more like a memory trigger.

Other Boozy Bundt flavors include: Drunken Apple (brandy with apples and cinnamon); Red Hot Kiss (vanilla cake infused with Fireball Whiskey); Spiked Pumpkin (pumpkin cake with honey whiskey and nutmeg); Berry Pucker (Lemoncillo-infused bundt cake with fresh berries); Hula Girl (vanilla cake paired with dark rum and fresh pineapple); Irish Dream (Bailey’s Irish Cream-infused bundt cake topped with toasted pecans); Holler Monkey (banana cake bathed with coconut rum and topped with granola); and Pirate Booty (signature rum cake topped with toasted walnuts; you can order it without nuts).

Also, Santa Baby (dark chocolate bundt with peppermint schnapps, dark and white chocolate and candy cane “snow”); Black Russian (chocolate cake with vodka, coffee and chocolate liqueurs and shaved chocolate espresson beans); Mexican Hat Dance (imported chocolate cake with coffee liqueur, brandy, canela cinnamon and a chipotle finish); Raspberry Beret (chocolate cake infused with chocolate and raspberry liqueurs and studded with fresh raspberries); and Wine Oh! (dark chocolate cake infused with Cabernet Sauvignon, finished with Madeira and topped with white and dark chocolate curls).

But for my next birthday cake, I am holding out for The Man Cave (dark chocolate rum-infused cake topped with crushed pretzel, salted caramel and a dark chocolate drizzle) or Toasted Nut (chocolate cake infused with amaretto and coconut rum and topped with coconut). I fit the demographic when Boozy Bundt says of the latter, “Think of your favorite candy bar.”

Full-size cakes are $33 each, and three-inch, single-serving, individually wrapped bundts are available in the same flavors. Visit www.boozybundtz.com or call 562.882.6588.

And don’t forget to tip the bartender.

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  1. These are amazing! We have ordered Boozy Buntz for several holidays and special occasions and they’ve all been delicious. My Favorite is the Leapin Leprechaun, a dark chocolate cake with Jameson whiskey. You’ll love them!

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