Have you impugned your local librarian today?

Those wascally wabble wousers at Dissent the Blog, your duly elected South Orange County Community College District watchdogs, have posted for our listenting pleasure a snippet from a recent Board of Disgustees meeting where (Dis)Trustee Don Wagner calls the American Library Association, based on his own sterling research, a “bunch of liberal busybodies.”

The set up: During that portion of the meeting where Bored Members sleepwalk through consent-worthy items like adding more disinfectant biscuits to the men's urinals, membership fees that are routinely approved for various campus groups and agencies came up. But rather than snorting out an aye from his deep slumber, Miss Trustee Don Wagner put some sentences together to oppose further membership in the ALA for the insipid reasoning explained above.

Hear it all here.

Now, you may recall, or not, maybe you blotted it out of your mind like we did to the last Jessica Simpson movies, indeed, ANY Jessica Simpson movie, that Wagner previously raised a stink over the district paying a membership to the Stalinst Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce. We'd be right with him there–what the fuck is a PUBLIC school district doing giving our tax dollars away to a PRIVATE organization whose interests may often buck up against our students, faculty and staffers? But Wagner wasn't upset with that; hell, he said he SUPPORTS the chamber “of course.”

Butt lick!

No, what got his lace panties all in a tither was the fact that the chamber shot some financial support over to the American Association of University Women, which, as Wagner fumed, “recently gave an award to Jane Fonda.”

Hanoi Jane?!? Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy Jane Fonda?!? The ex-Mrs. Ted “Nutty McNutster” Turner!?! The nerve!

Hey, we're with you, Donnie Boy. Let's line 'em all up against a wall–librarians, university weemens, chambers officials, Ted Turner–and empty our muskets on 'em, letting their Commie blood run down our immaculate South County streets.

Speaking of which: Do you South Countians even LOOK at the ballots when you cast votes for school boards? Or is that when you do your Stevie Wonder impressions? Geez!

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