Have A Holly Jolly 4/20!

Rolling a Jay for Four-Twentay

They say Christmas is the most wonderful time of year, but now that it’s 2018 and cannabis is legal in California, we’d beg to differ. This Friday is 4/20, the first rotation of the holiday since the new legislation was enacted on Jan. 1. So not only is this 4/20 historic, but it’s also going to be a day of celebration across California. That means there’ll be tons of things to do all weekend long. (Luckily, we’ve got you covered on events happening in SoCal. You can find it in the Cannabis Almanac section of this guide!)

But this 4/20 should be taken seriously. Although we definitely encourage you to celebrate in the most festive way you can, take a second this year to think about how far cannabis has come in our state. Think about what cannabis means today versus what it meant 10 years ago. Take a second to appreciate the people you celebrate 4/20 with because, usually, the people you smoke with are your tribe. Additionally, the next time we celebrate another truly meaningful 4/20 will be when cannabis is de-scheduled and made federally legal, which will be a day of sweet, sweet victory. We look forward to celebrating that day with y’all. In the meantime, this Friday is worthy of celebration, and you deserve to treat yourself.

We’ve devised a series of posts to help you make the best of this 4/20 season. From events, to who’s who in OC’s cannabis industry to products and more. If there’s any time to celebrate the plant and your rights as a Californian, it’s this week.

Happy puffing!

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