Have a Hip-Hop Question for Rachel Dolezal? Just #AskRachel!

Everyone loves an outrageous news story. These stories give people a chance to join in with all walks of life online to voice their opinion and connect with others in their “outrage.” Case in point, Rachel Dolezal. The revelation that Dolezal, the NAACP Spokane Washington Branch President, has been posing as a black woman while speaking on behalf of black people sparked plenty of outrage across the country. Then ironically (not really), the tweets flying around on this “taboo” topic went from “how dare she” to “let's ask her ridiculous questions.” These questions soon turned into inquiring about “urban” song lyrics and at that point, we were all in.


And while we don't back “cyber-bullying,” we're just going to take the internet's stance which seems to be that bullying is only okay if you think it's okay so by all means, go ahead and let someone have it. Also, racial stereotyping is never okay unless you're doing it to yourself and in that case, go ahead and do it. Hypocritical? You bet. And as Americans, we could go back and forth for hours on end debating the good, bad, helpful, hurtful aspect of the NAACP/ Rachel Dolezal scandal alas, we'd rather focus in on the funny part surrounding this particular scandal. Here's our ten favorite song inquiries via Twitter under the #AskRachel hashtag. And no one hold their breath but hopefully, Rachel will answer some of these fantastic questions sooner rather than later.

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